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I feel I need to say this..
Not All Cops are Racists or Bullies, just like All people of other races/colors aren’t [add stereotype here!!]
We are All Human Beings & We All Bleed Red! Yes, there Are Bad, Evil, Sick, & Twisted People in America!! Yes, some do work in law enforcement & gov’t. I’d like to think it’s the Minority-at least in law enforcement. Yes, changes need to be made! Laws need to be changed! People need to be replaced, fired,  imprisoned, etc.
However, this is Not Everywhere, not yet! From all I’ve seen & read over the decades, (because for a long time I wanted to be an investigator,) it seems to happen where there is the Most Corruption, where people are Not actively Voting, or Not Involved in their Communities. We must make sure the people we elect, or pay taxes for, are held accountable for their actions! No one wants to take Responsibility for their actions anymore!
This Is My Story:  I am a woman of mixed ethnic origins, half Korean, I don’t know what the other half is yet. [If someone knows a geneticist please give him my name 🙂 lol] I grew up in middle-class LI, NY, but due to sad circumstances found myself stuck living in the south. I have been & will forever be, a Victim/Survivor of racism & racist law enforcement officers, not all of them, but even 2 was too many for me. Due in great part to the actions of these deputies, in concert with my ex & his friend, 8 years ago I was permanently disabled at 42; the 1st attempt on my life by my ex. This assault was all caught on video/audio cruiser cam, the violation of all my civil rights, the seizues I suffered, etc., at the jail over the next 17 hours was not, as there is ‘ no video’ in the county jail. The harassment & terrorising continued for 3 years. As there is no statue of limitation on physical assault in SC & I guess being afraid of a lawsuit, to this day, the Dept. Refuses to aid/assist me in any way at all! As of now, there are 3 [easy to prove/win] open felony cases of mine sitting on their investigators’ desks. Two have no statutes of  limitations, the 3rd I’m not sure yet, & there’s a ‘breach of promise’ that I demanded be investigated as grand theft auto, etc.  Now, I love the color blue, but not when its me holding my breath waiting!
In Oct. 2009 I again was jailed-for 5 Days-this time by the probate judge, No Charges, No Miranda, No Civil Rights, No End Date, No Atty or access to call one, No bail..No Criminal Record! It was to prevent me from going to a court hearing in VA to rightfully & legally claim my murdered father’s body. My disowned sister & her husband’s sick act for money, aided by the corrupt probate judge, 2 attorneys, 2 suspended drs, & 2 different deputies!
On both of these occasions, there was not One agency willing to help me. The FBI-“You need to let SLED handled that.” Even though numerous documented felonies had been committed; SLED-“Each jurisdiction does their own in-house investigations. But I’m so sorry for what happened to you.” Yet, 2 weeks later it was on the news how they were investigating a Sheriff’s dept. in another county; the ACLU-I was Literally told, “We don’t handle civil rights cases.”; the Lt. Governor’s office who just decided to disconnect my call; the black Senator for my state in DC who, almost whispering ‘Really wished he Could do something, but this Was SC..’ and  before he could say more, the call was abruptly dropped; and Over 100 Attorneys who didn’t have the courage to take on my cases.
So yes, I know about prejudices, racism, & corruption, all too personally. I know about a lot of horrible things too personally. Too many of us do. That needs to change! I Keep the Faith & Hope that one day I’ll be able to get out of this Godforsaken state!
And with that said, & it’s just my personal viewpoints, I will get off my soapbox for now. Thank You. Peace & Love.